Welcome to the world of energy 

You have done very well and you should congratulate yourself for coming this far by being open to allowing your body to do what it does best: to repair.


I will try to steer you in the process and thus lighten the walk hopefully.


You have probably experienced your body in many different ways and learned a lot from it.  The body is talking to you and making connections thus please be grateful and  keep doing it until you get it all done. As you should know by now you need more than a random treatment but treatments that will bring you into wellness and keep you there.


Where there is a pain is often where there is stagnation. Your body may not show you all in the beginning and you are learning too.  So please be patient and be kind to your body.  There will be many other observations that you will observe along the way and learn along the way.


Your body has a unique experience and we are gathering information on how to help it, how to gauge more and more as we go.  You are learning your instrument and we will listen!


You had a probably for years and years, and you cannot possibly expect another person to take away your pain without you being engaged in a deeper process and for a reasonable time period.  You can read the testimonials page.


These are the details we discussed.


  • You need to allow the body time to perform  for its self-healing

  • You will learn to listen and be aware, to progress.

  • We establish goals or no goals and do what we need to do accordingly to what the body needs and your particular situation.

  • One day you may just want to receive and that is all good.

  • There will be pains, and other palpable signs it is best to know them so that you can distinguish them and know that there is an increase or decrease. 

  • Be grateful that you are not at the hospital and that you are improving all the time and that is the only thing that counts. since self-healing is not linear and has it's own mind. Your analysis makes no change to the results.

  • When you want real results, we need to be engaged.  However, you can slow down too.  There is no one way since the body needs to restore to self-heal.

  • This is what you need to remember:

  • This is a holistic and incremental process so building from what you gained is important. You can never loose by having more flow in your body. In china, this is called LIFE FORCE.

  •  You need to take the inventory of your progress and writing it down is best since it is a journey of many changes and steps.

  • We will work first every 10 days at first, then as you get much better you can do it monthly.

  • I suggest 10 weeks  for only 70hr thus I would include the sessions you took and subtract 20.00

  • You have 2 weeks to decide for the special

  • you can pay in 2 installments first 2 weeks if so its 10.00 more

  • Thank you and if there is anything missing let me know. This is not a price page.