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We link the members (clients) to exclusive pages to ease your self-healing journey. We know that a bit of help goes a long way when it's a new process which comes with more consciousness and awareness as we connect and energize the body.


It may not be what you think and you may need to go through new experiences and accept new perceptions however it is the only way to break through some of your past habits. 

Are you opened to changing some habits to achieve change?  

Just follow the directions and use the password we will send you. You will be happy you did it. 

Again this is not a pill but being more aware and human! 

Have a good day.

1 Please link here

For the seeker of transformation.

2- Please link here

For the seeker of fulfillment- the men's health



2-How to connect with body

If you have started the self-healing journey and are committed to move into your freedom, this page is for you.  You most likely have decided to do at l east 5 sessions given you seek transformation in your body or mindset.  Please continue the inquiry and be engaged in this life opening process through the unraveling of your layers in your body work. Your desirable outcomes will not manifest on a random act but with an incremental process which in turn will enable a greater awareness and resilience to life.