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Do you want more value from your massage experience?

"The body is built to repair from disease

and aim for homeostasis" Deepra Chopra


After many years of experience leveraging massage as a healing tool,

there is a big difference between a technical or physical massage compared to an intentional and energetic one.  These are some of my non-linear observations.


You may not know nor understand this yet but with time and this new experience,

you will.   Since it's a new somatic experience and time will make this a new habit. The neurons have to fire new thoughts and thus new learnings and wisdom.


The world of the body is silent and non-verbal and uses subtle yet powerful communication.

The body's experience is different for every person and becomes as powerful as you treat it. There is no hard data but the experience itself and that changes with every person whose power of transformation is controlled but the mind of the seeker.  

Self-healing is the foundation of this massage practice which focuses on healing yourself naturally

and allowing the body to self-heal naturally by moving the body's systems and activation at specific points. In the context of my body of work, we are often talking about acupressure, reflexology within a restorative and intentional massage.  Although self-healing happens for cancer and remission of diseases. There are many more doctors who are being more outspoken like Dr. Joe Dispenza who will give you more scientific info and case studies.  The only difference is that I use Massage and he uses spirituality and science and mind but we are activating an inner shift.

Many think there is only one way to do massage and one way to feel.


And many don't know that there is so much potential in the massage experience


when you move the body to feel and rewire and connect.  If you hurt yourself or get wounded, you will keep it clean and apply iodine, aloe vera, and or coconut oil and you will find your body healing and rebuilding the skin. It is a beautiful and natural process. This a simple way the body heals when it's not compromised with diabetes.


I hear this statement often, "I want a massage".


So, they expect something like the past possibly a generic message, usually not a solution-healing-based massage!  They expect to relax for one hour or sleep on a massage table. You can get much more! Do you want more?

Often massage is trivialized as whether erotic or technical


but often devoid of depth and restoration and intentionality and purpose. The industry is based on insurance claims, and it becomes just something you need to spend and the need to deepen the practice was not motivating.

The capacity to self-heal grew larger and larger to include a greater array of conditions where western doctors can only control symptoms with prescriptions. Once you know, somatically, it's easier to improve because you build on 'faith' (desire to get better) and your actual experience.

If you want a miracle, then get engaged with the massage experience and what it opens up for you. If you don't then do nothing and stay the same.  You just need to know you have choices and different outcomes.



It starts with your mind and somatic experiences and your ability to receive. 


You can expect nothing or everything.  You will simply listen and see what shows up. You can just be present.  You are free to choose the outcome you want and that also pertains to any massage therapy.


With a greater connection with your body and awareness, you can have a totally new experience with your body.  Your home, body,  is comfortable and yummy. 




" Now I know what massage is "...said Tony Rea.

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