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Are you looking for a more sensorially deeper and yummier experience

in a more restored body?  There is nothing comparable to enjoying and living in your skin/body.

How did I get here doing this? Peruse my story here.


Feel more and be enlivened and grounded and more confident when you LIVE in your body. To live in your body is to be more present and not be controlled by only thoughts. Massage can help you progress there and it is a beautiful and more immersive experience compared to meditation. 


Massage is a very personal experience and there are many levels of intensity and expansiveness.  Being embodied is available when we are present but unfortunately many consume massage as a regular product. This altered state of being is only appreciated truly when you experience it (slowly) deeply.


What you perceive is what you get, you can change something from the inside...

from sensations to senses to feelings to shifts. Being embodied brings you close to who you are and your self-understanding improves and many things get clearer. Massage can be alchemized to bring shifts that help you progress as a whole person not just a person often thinking from the past. 


When the mind has wiggle space, you can get freed of habits, particularly habitual thinking.  What a delight to see that there is another way and that thing is not emotionally laden anymore.


My wish is that you experience the subtle breakthroughs that bring you joy without the mind's interference.

Being in the energy field

the massage is a wonderful experience with the stimulation of an exchange of 3-way energy (practitioner, client and the body. However, the body is a more important part of the formula and is listened to too. The body responds to touch and shows us where there is pain, and disruption and where there are needs in the body. Do not worry we can help you find the causes of your issues too.

Well-proven and intentional massages are conducive to pain and stress relief

with a holistic and incremental process that works when you (and me) are engaged. This massage experience holds more value because it's more than a technique or physical activity.


We are energy.  We are more energy than physical.


that affect body and mind, and can include 1 or more modalities and you can see a visual description here of all massages on one page.










Do you want to learn more about SELF-HEALING MASSAGE?

When you are quiet, many things surface because of more head space.  There is a great opportunity to shift and change, and that is a transformational massage!

If you want to stay as is and not shift and not evolve which comes with new perceptions it's okay, we will not guide you in that area. You have the choice to go where you want. Maybe you just want to lie on a massage table for 1 hour...I will not coach you into self-healing.


However, if you want results and have big goals, you need to engage and book at least 4-5 sessions to maintain your changes.

There is a lot that happens behind the scenes when self-healing

and awareness are heightened since it's not just a regular physical massage based on techniques or limited thinking. It's intentional and very present and unlimited; based on the body's intelligence and energy.


We are connecting

at a deeper level somatically, your body and your senses and emotions are awakened. There also is a body-mind interaction where the body quiets the mind, and that is a beautiful testimony to see every time it happens.

If you want to change and get a shift and be in the flow.

There are subtle energetic exchanges at many levels, and these are some of the new understandings that you will learn as you go.

  • Every problem has a solution. So does massage. Different massages have different purposes.  Please state your goal or problem and we then can talk more intelligently about solutions and collaborate. 

  • Some have never truly experienced being relaxed or a healthy touch so please be advised that your response is not limited to your past.  You can learn new ways to receive.

  • There are different feelings such as pain, pleasure and electrical sensations among others. You can learn about your body and not just expect all of the same things. Right?

  • We are results-based not just trivialized massage, so we are able to scan for causes with energy.

  • Everything takes some time to enhance wellness, but it works. Thus let me do my work, please. And you can do your part and receive.


  • If you want pain relief, it takes time! All good things take time.

  • If you want to learn how to relax beyond a massage table, that takes time too, to relearn new ways and habits!


  • A full-body massage is not a priority when you want to relieve your shoulder of pain and when you need to know the cause.

  • Our massages are therapeutic quality not erotic and non-intrusive. 

  • The massage practitioner is present beyond the massage on the table. Please honour that precious time. Be grateful many clients have changed their lives even up to a decade. One moment of awe can change everything.

  • 1 hour is a sample. Lomi massage is an experience that needs a slow process of at least 1.5 hr.  Please do not ask me for a generic full-body massage.

  • ​If you want restoration and results that last, we are happy to be of service. And we will know where we start and how we progressed. You may not always be clear in a linear way on how self-healing works.  Even your doctor may not know!

  • Please book/commit to at least 5 sessions for chronic pain or /and excessive mental cogitation ( anxiety, depression, OCD)  and to manifest big changes.  Changes don't happen all in one hour eh?

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