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Kevin's Story- case study 

Meet Kevin who is enjoying a pain-free life

after 15 years of pain caused by a herniated spinal cord. 

Are you interested in learning about his extraordinary body-mind journey of self-healing?  In this process, we deeply connected and engaged with his body and Eastern-based massages such as Acupressure and Reflexology. Ready to live life fully he succeeded by engaging in the process of the massage experience and embodied awareness.

 In the beginning, he had no idea what to do and expect, however, he

  • shifted physically and mentally

  • braved to try new things every week

  • was coachable

  • learned about the language of the body

  • improved every week and acknowledged it

  • was grateful

  • was humble

  • got involved

  • took inventory

  • observed and felt the changes incrementally

  • replaced the older beliefs with  the new and stronger habits that emerged

  • maintained his changes

  • took bold actions to do something new

  • did things he was not able to do for a long time

  • observed the more extraordinary and life-giving actions he started doing

  • observed and allowed the positive changes to be incremental and maintained

  • braved and dared think he would get better and better because the pain was less & less.

  • It was happening that way and learned to trust his body and what he felt.




The massage practitioner first believed in a positive outcome

before the client mustered enough mental resilience and positive expectancy. He had nothing to use as a frame of reference as all other attempts in the past did not work!

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