Foundation of this work is based on holistic health and mind-body connection. In that presence we produce a different wholesome state beyond your mind and analysis but providing energy and awareness that brings in energy and healing into your body and thus your mind.

Do some of the following apply to you?  These are some of the issues that you can experience with ageing and andro pause. 


  • Are you not performing like you were in the past?
  • Are you less sexual?
  • Are you less sensual?
  • Are you enjoying the act?
  • Are you experiencing less desire and feelings?
  • Do you want to rejuvenate your sexual functions?
  • Are you living the wear and tear of stress? 
  • Do you have irregular urinary issues at night or probably all day?
  • Do you want to speed up recovery naturally to sexual wellness and joy?
  • Are you seeking results and well-being?
  • Are you looking perhaps for the meaning of life?
  • Are you a bit tired?
We adapt our Men's Health program
for adults of different ages and with different issues.  However, this program is holistic and incremental and will require time (not too much)and your commitment to make it happen.  Results are non-linear and so is self- healing.  Thus if you want not do the work it will be very gratifying but if you want just a more regular massage please link here.
Since you read this far!
Welcome to the empowered masculinity journey 
Alternative and natural self-care options can improve your sexual functions when your body and mind allow it.  You will learn to trust your body  and the somatic process when you learn from your body and its changes that often occur with your increased body-mind connection.
This is, after all, a self-healing experience and it will be different for everyone. That is why we first invite you to start with a chat and a massage so that you can get to know experientially first and become more interested in self-healing massage is and its' potential. We can take it from there.
We have witnessed results with men of all ages
who have changed their lives not only in their groin! Men in their 50's who have slowed down by at least 25% would definitely benefit to take quality time to restore their health and thus sexual functions.
Whether it is younger men or not with pornographic issues or 30 + overworked men or 50 plus men undergoing sexual changes and or urinating 2-3 times at night.  They don't want to live like that but are not very clear since they have not found a solution yet. You are at the right place.  There are some men who would like to maintain sexual vigor and /or prevent sexual issues. And men who have lost the desire and don't feel good about that and want to reclaim their desire.  There are many scenarios but in essence, you are being rejuvenated and performing better. 
Where will the changes show up?
Many different results can occur in the areas of erectile functions such as hardness, endurance, and feelings/libido.
However, the side (good) effects of it seem to be more important at the end. Some men have improved their relationship with their wives and or family. Some men have become more focused on their goals and even have new visions. Some men have stopped being triggered and that alone is worth millions in peace. 
This is not for  you if
I have honed this restorative process for over 12 years and if you can be coachable during this wonderful journey, you will be rewarded with a renewed life.  You don't need to take the toxic RX pills.  If you are not opened minded to allow this natural alternative work in your life, this is not for you. If you are more interested in how it's done then the actual results, its not for you. If you are only seeking pleasure and not results, it's not for you. 
There are many causes of sexual problems
but with many different cases, they have all succeeded here as long as they persist and engage.  The stories are all very different.  I am honored that I was trusted with this great awakening opportunity. 
However, unless you take action there is nothing that will improve. We don't want to waste your time talking about the causes and science behind this since cerebral activities are not going to change your wellness, but doing it will. I suggest that you do your research on the causes of sexual dysfunctions on your own and when you want to change, you are welcome here. There many causes including stress, and circulation, stress, overload, and diabetes.
As you experience the different stages, You will learn how your body is forgiving and gives back!   Your body will self-heal at its own pace, we are undoing your many years since this issue developed. Slowly (quickly for others) and surely we will succeed together. This is not something I just do to you, It is something you do to yourself. A level of awareness is present in all of this journey to show how you are doing.
1- Please call me to book a general get to know each other and examine if we can collaborate on men's health massage 
First, we can discuss 10 minutes your needs at 416 -6544325
2- We book a 1.5 hour
to build trust and we discuss in person your concerns and my solutions  and you also receive a massage. We discuss your experience and take it from there after 3 days. 
3-If you are ready to progress, I will tell you.  There are options too.
I focus on sexual health but the healing process is larger and includes your habits, beliefs, emotions and your stressors and your family and work and dreams...Does that make sense?  Having good sex represents your overall health.
I need to be paid accordingly. I will not do any sampling period!
The men's sexual health can include external prostate treatments if needed since it is part of your whole sexual being ness and the sexual glands.  If you urinate frequently at nights you will see tangibly how your urinary symptoms improve as you continue the treatments with external Prostate Body Therapies.  It works like magic.
When we delve deeper
There are many aspects of factored in this ageing process. Sexuality is a complex thing.  However, this healing & experiential process works with the recharging of all the systems and glands and indirectly by unblocking-releasing your energy where needed and in this beautiful stillness. Doctors will not tell you that you can rejuvenate and that you need better circulation and flow, so some clients will require a leap of faith and a real desire for change.


This body-mind process is in essence, a life process (that ripples in many areas):


  • holistic

  • incremental

  • mind opening

  • experiential

  • stress-free

  • health-building

  • positive thinking

  • restorative

  • deep

  • life-enhancing

  • opens up to the new thought process

  • nurturing 

  • patient 

  • change of habits

  • deeper awareness

  • confidence building

You will experience results

often even in the first session and it will also externalize in a palpable physical manner. This Rejuvenation and opening to new possibilities will impact many other important aspects of how you relate to your life and relationships. The old belief systems will bust and new habits and perceptions will build.


You will be amazed at how your body is the solution

to your body's ailments. The body has an enormous capacity to self-heal; it is very forgiving. Your body was trying to tell you there was an imbalance in the first place and the body has recorded your hurt or damage.  The solution is within.



In my toolbox

When you choose to journey with me. I will provide professional bodywork which can include variety and depth.


It combines different modalities to allow the body to self-heal and to express itself such as ancient (acupressure, reflexology, Thai among others) and new energy techniques affecting body awareness and lifestyle to cause inside-out deep changes.



To be healthy at a fundamental level

your organs and glands need to function well with the proper flow of chi and blood. What happens in the body happens outside, although the change is internal.  More aliveness and sexual love will be the glue to keeping many relationships and lives vibrant. Good Sex is a very important feeling that helps us wake up mightily in the morning and do good work.  

Desire or libido is a sign


of health which expands beyond sexuality and showing and rippling in more areas of your life.  If the above is your important motivator for your seeking help from me, please its all good no matter how much shame or stigma you may have initially bought into.


You will learn how the body can restore itself beyond

the superficial experience of skin and muscles. When you let your body self-heal, amazing things happen in your body, thus mind and life.