Kevin's story- case study

This is one case among many who took the steps to claim back their lives with another caring person who held the space and believed. 

You can also tap into many areas of self-healing like Kevin did who went from 15 years of daily pain to buying and using a kayak painlessly in our beautiful Lake Ontario. The picture on the home page is the day he proved to me that he transcended his past.   Living normal life but also enjoying it.

In the beginning, he had no idea of what to do and expect however he got involved and took inventory and saw and felt the changes incrementally until the new habits emerged and maintained.

He took bold action to do something he used to do. He was in pain for so long that he had difficulty seeing and accepting the changes! It was enjoyable to work with him, he tried new things and became more aware and even made graphs of his changes...but most of all he was humble and stayed open.

However, he naturally changed the way he lived and started doing what he loved. One day he started cleaning his room, another week he started riding his mountain bike, another day he was playing music and the big thrill ...he was kayaking! He picked up the kayak and placed it on his car..Don't forget he was in pain 15 years!  All this happened in about 2 months!   So just keep going, never gave up, pick up your wins and move on, and proved his faith by the renewal of his body and his mind and by taking different actions!

What a beauty when the practitioner and client were on the same page taking bold steps of faith but based on real wins not just air! 

It is important to be aware and connect within your "temple", body, via holistic massage with a skilled practitioner who knows how the mind and body change with self-healing. Since it is very easy not to see the gains you need support there to progress.  We can dismiss important changes!

We have forgotten about how the body can self-heal. Massage is a tool to incorporate all the senses when you are in a delta state and everything is still and available to see what is.

However, one can re-learn it slowly with its subtle yet tangible changes. We took this wonderful peaceful pic  (on the home page) of Ontario lake when he resumed kayaking; an impossible feat before the massage.

He experienced changes in his body and in his life in general. Be patient and attentive and you will be amazed!  The changes are incremental so take your time and feel your journey and trust your body!

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