We meet you where you are

and where you want to go.


You may be used to receiving a standard or regular massage?

You may be new to massage? You may come from older viewpoints that  "it's just a massage"?  You may be seeking an experience that you only heard about?  You may want to know that a really good massage changes your experience of life and brings great joy.....and if you seek it out? 


Fundamentally a deeper restorative experience from massage is stimulated from the flow of chi and circulation.

I cannot define it for you however this what people know from superficial massages available today.  This is a short-lived relaxing massage, sometimes not even relaxing. There may be no definition yet to discern between a technical massage versus a restorative and liberating massage.  However, there is much difference between what outcome you derive from a massage once you experience it and take it in.


We provide a beautiful somatic experience which connects the mind and body thus all your parts unify to enhance your whole being. We leverage the healing power of massage with the intrinsic healing capacity of the body to naturally heal itself to homeostasis.  Great things happen with this mental and focused positioning.  We are talking about restorative effects outlasting the time on the massage table by many hours/days/weeks. 


Why do people have massage? When I observe them receive, I believe that it is for the intimate experience with life. What is your definition?


Why should people have massage? I believe that life and the digital world has created more automatic "clickers" and we are triggered by too many external social triggers that take up too much of our precious time. What do you think? How much do you spend on improving yourself and manifesting change because of it?


When we know your needs, mindset, and lifestyle,  we can offer solutions adapted to you.  It is not the other way around.  Some practitioners sell techniques, I sell experience and results.  You ask and you shall receive. When we talk about self-healing (yourself); many don't know what to expect during and after the massage. Expect great things and you will receive great things.  


If you want a standard massage, you can get that too.  Clients that ask for that, never seem to experience anything very special.  You have been warned.  If you want a restorative massage, you will get more value such as Lomi Lomi.  It is your choice. You will feel more with the energy-based touch massage which is mind expansive too.  Our approach transcends the physical benefits of a massage on the skin and muscles the feelings go deeper than the skin.  Many do feel the usual pain and pleasure.  However, if you are on a self-healing journey or you seek a change in your life, the massage will provide longer lasting restoration and many times shifts open up with the self-healing approach.  This deep and short break can break a repetitive cycle of thought or action or emotion which kept you in the past.  Identifying with the past will not ease your way to change.  Creating new experiences will teach your brain new ways to receive more new information. 



Whether we use any of the following modalities, it is the attitude of the giver and receiver that will change your experience:  Acupressure, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology, Thai,  Thai Holistic, Psychosynthesis or The Great Inquiry, Emotional release.


You may feel stress, tension, pain, we help your body move towards homeostasis; your body is built to self-heal and is enhanced by a greater flow produced by an energetic and intentional massage.


Massage can offer so much more than just a temporary feel good or a snooze. You can be revitalized with a more effective flow of energy and blood thus bring the greatest joy and peace. Many are surprised at how good they can feel in their bodies....................Your whole being is shifted and thus  (body mind and spirit) can receive chi. Please be patient with your journey, this can be a new experience for you. 


Some will complicate this self-healing process by intellectualizing & others will oversimplify as if it's just relaxing. I hear it all.  You need to experience it to know since the linear mind cannot replace your body.  This is a process and it will be experienced differently by everyone who is lucky enough to experience this nirvana state.


Expand your mindsets; change some habits on this journey because often a meditative massage opens your body and mind.  Most of us are over thinking, over judging, over punishing and more. I honour you for being on this big journey called life no matter what you wish to achieve in life, yours is unique.  We support you.



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