We meet you where you are

and we go where you want to go.

Massage therapy is more powerful than you think.

It starts and ends with the mindset because its the mind that relays to you what is going on in a language you can decipher.   However, the body does all the operating systems work in a silent language that still needs your presence!  We focus on your needs but you need to engage with the process if you want results and ......that will surprise you!


Sit back and relax and enjoy a LOMI LOMI massage for its many different healing aspects. Relaxation and circulation is a good starting point to start your self-healing journey.  Which can lead to restoration from stress and pain relief.

Creating a baseline with Lomi Lomi is a good start.  We can add other massage modalities suitable to your goals such as Thai Massage (stretch),  Holistic Thai, Reflexology of ( Head, feet and hands), Reiki, Energy Scans, Signature protocol and Men's Health for Sexual or Prostate Health ( External Massage)

We believe that you deserve to feel great in your temple with natural protocols. Many come here you experienced bad or good experiences or both.  Some felt good for an hour , some don't want to change anything but yet can you ever imagine being even better? Stay open to the experience.


I promise that your body is truly intelligent and forgiving.


However, you may have many of your own ideas and beliefs which can affect what is possible...its best to be aware.  We discovered that mental rigidity can be a deterrent to massage benefits too.  We try to undo all the past perceptions since we are talking about self-healing which is non-linear.


If you don't care and just want 1 hr to feel good massage then you don't need to be intentional or get engaged.   If you want more value than a hr relaxation massage then you need a greater consciousness of where you are and where you want to go.....Fundamentally, when you receive (not really sleeping) a deeper restorative experience from massage, it will stimulate the flow of chi and circulation which enhances health and relieves stress and pain.

You can have many perspectives and experiences below which can require you to take a small leap of faith to allow in new experiential process.  Does one of these situations describe you?  If it does, it requires the recipient to be opened to their new somatic experiences

  • You may be used to receiving a standard or regular massage with short-lived results?

  • You may have just received one type of massage and that is all you know and want?

  • You may be new to massage?

  • You may come from the perspective that "it's just a massage"? 

  • You may be seeking an experience that you only heard about?

  • You may want to transform your life with a really good clearing massage experience?

  • You want to let go and bring greater joy?

  • You may simply want to relax and or be more relaxed?

  • You may even have a distinct or stronger sense that you don't want to feel stress, tension, pain.   No matter what, we help your body move towards homeostasis.  

Many times clients report that they usually experience a short-lived relaxing massage in their past, sometimes it's not even relaxing.  There is a big difference between a technical massage versus a restorative and liberating massage and it starts with an experience and how you resonate.

If you want a standard massage, you can get that too.  Clients that ask for that, never seem to experience deeply or get many results as with body-mind connecting massage.  It is your choice.  You decide.


We provide a beautiful somatic (your body) experience that connects the mind and body thus all your parts unify and synergize in your whole being. We leverage the healing power of massage with the intrinsic body's healing capacity to naturally heal itself towards homeostasis.  Great things happen with this mental stillness and focused me time whose restorative effects outlast the massage.


Why do people have a massage?

When I observe them receive, I believe that this peaceful time connects with your intimate experience with life. I believe that we all need to unplug from the digital world.  We created more automatic behaviors which I call "clickers" that are triggered by too many external demands .......eroding our precious time. When we should be focused more time on improving yourself and manifesting change?


When we know your needs, mindset, and lifestyle,  we can offer solutions adapted to you.  It is not the other way around.  Some practitioners sell techniques, I provide experience and results.  


You ask and you shall receive.


When we talk about self-healing (yourself); many don't know what to expect during and after the massage. Expect great things and you will receive great things like many customers.  We will give you a list of how to gauge.

You will feel more with the energy-based touch massage which is mind expansive too.  Our approach transcends the physical benefits of a massage on the skin and muscles since  the feelings go deeper than the skin.  Many do feel the usual pain and pleasure. 


If you are on a self-healing journey or you seek a change in your life, the massage will provide longer-lasting restoration and many times shifts open up with the self-healing approach.  This deep and short break can break a repetitive cycle of thought or action or emotion that kept you in the past.  Identifying with the past will not ease your way to change.  Creating new experiences will teach your brain new pathways to receive more even more new information. Your brain also clears up more space for new perceptions.

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