Your Mind got you your career perhaps but now your body will energize and rejuvenate you.

Hello, I am Joanna.  I love to see people transform and shift particularly when the body wakes up, and you often learn new ways of being! I am truly happy to support you, all genders, on your self-healing journey to also relieve your pain and stress with results that will often astound you .....expect deep and long-lasting restoration. 

Unfortunately, we did not learn how to connect with our bodies and we live a life governed by our often limited minds!  And to save you time and frustrations from trying to figure this massage from a mental perspective, you will need to experience the bodywork because that is where the change happens!


Many people who are new at this will assume or limit the scope or simplify or even complicate the self-healing powers of the body. 


How can you know what you have not experienced yet? 

Do yourself a favor, book a massage and then try reading again if you are into knowing everything in advance. 

There is palpable healing manifesting with feelings in your body that come with a nurturing laser-like energy touch and quietude of your brain. The body's experience is hard to explain here since you don't know but it can easily transcend the feeling that comes with the practice of meditations because you are letting go more.  People who feel the changes through intentional massage can also reach higher dimensions experientially, like a yummy feeling in their body. while addictive-like activities such as coffee or work or the internet cannot provide.

Whether you want...

a physical transformation, peace of mind, or more energy or pain relief or a breakthrough, we can create a new reality in the stillness. With an open and silent mind, you can break free and get more breakthroughs from your often habitual thinking and habits. You are welcome to simply also deepen your restoration ( which is known as relaxation to some) and loosen up your body/mind's tensions too, which in itself is healing or one of the first steps to change.  The days of suffering in silence at your desk.. are over. Discover your body’s self-healing power today. 


Please read the first visit if you want to know more clearly what are the options when you start. If you wish to know the foundations of this work, you can read the self-healing page too. And for more information on the men's sexual health process, read here.  If you have urinary and prostate-related symptoms which you wish to relieve, please read here.

For the intellectuals or owners of companies or highly technical people....body-mind connection (without the somatic experience) is not intellectually understood only. You need to learn from your body too!  This incremental process may seem esoteric because it does not work like the linear and logical mind.  You cannot control how things work out exactly because we are allowing the body to do what it needs to do. You may need several sessions to keep your changes.  We may be pushing your comfort zone but you will only truly know how it feels and that it works when your body experiences it.  


Your mind does not need to figure it all out........

(TAKE A BREAK FROM YOUR MIND!) because we focus on what the body needs to do.  If you are accepting that the body is capable of healing, it is a very good place to make your connections. It is not only a mental process but primarily a somatic experience that unravels as you go.   Your mind again cannot explain to you something that well, since the body uses innate knowledge!  Your body has a language that wants to express itself, will you let it be? 


You may have no idea how alive it feels.......

when not controlled by a very demanding or intense mind.  This process will provide a way to ease into freedom with a much-needed break in silence and physical letting go of layers of stuff from intense cogitation.  How does that sound?


This is a self-healing process and not a regular short-lived impact.

like a SPA or regular massage to hear new age music and look at pretty candles, but focused on extracting the most healing power from a restorative and below the skin impact kind of touch.  Touch is often a linear physical act from the technical RMT schools but touch is more and deeper when you treat it as a sacred act.


What this bodywork is......

an intentional focused results /restoration based massage.  It is based on awareness and body-mind connection.  Fusing energy and circulation, will go further than just a skin feeling and allow the body what it does best! BODY knows where the cause is and can heal itself in a quiet intentional and focused process.

The body's mechanism.....

Every person is a special and unique individual, but we have one thing in common: our bodies have the ability to self-heal, if nurtured and directed correctly.

I work with your mind and body because we are holistic

and all our parts ( body, mind, soul, emotions, sexuality) work together. 

With life-enhancing Lomi Lomi Massage and pain-relieving Acupressure or other modalities while listening to the body’s natural signals will bring more transformation than just doing a technical massage. PERIOD.


By leveraging ancient Chinese and my signature modalities......

we create positive energy flows and pathways to ease the self-healing capacity of the body.


For centuries skilled practitioners have been using

these techniques reduce stress and anxiety, combat chronic pain and discomfort, and create long-lasting relief through a holistic approach however I have found though that the body’s intelligence and it’s expression are the prime source of solutions.  The body has shown to me that it is the most forgiving (compared to the controlling mind) and even when change is needed.

You will know that it is working...

You too will be able to learn to read the signs and use the body’s wisdom.

Your mind learns to let go...

If you are a seeker of truth and peace and healing, we have found great relief for physical but also mental issues whether anxiety or depression...With bodywork (versus talk therapy), you can bypass the mind games and the unconscious which runs your life most of the time.

Many of my clients have learned more advanced life skills

to cope with extreme stress with a greater relaxation response learned in this process among other gains. We learn much from our forgiving body who knows how to let go!   The many shifts as they become embodied synergize while rippling over into the grander scheme of life! 

Yes, you can.