Massage therapy for the New World of sustainable changes.


Hello, I  am Joanna.  I am happy to support you on your self-healing journey of pain or stress relief.  With an opened and silent mind, you can break free and get more breakthroughs. No this is not a SPA massage to hear good music and look at pretty candles, but focused on extracting the most healing power from a restorative touch. 

Every person is a special and unique individual, but we have one thing in common: our bodies have the ability to self-heal, if nurtured and directed correctly.

I work with your mind and body with life-enhancing Lomi Lomi Massage and Acupressure or other modalities to listen to the body’s natural signals to help me use ancient Chinese and my modalities to create positive energy flows and pathways. For centuries skilled practitioners have been using these techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, combat chronic pain and discomfort, and create long lasting relief through a holistic approach however I have found though that the body’s intelligence and it’s expression is the prime source of solutions and that will be the most forgiving when change is needed. You will be able to learn to read the signs and use the body’s wisdom.

Whether you want a physical transformation, peace of mind, or more energy or pain relief or a breakthrough, I’m passionate about working with you to make it your new reality. The days of suffering in silence at your desk or not... are over. Discover your body’s self-healing power today. 


If you are a seeker of truth and peace and healing, we have found great relief for physical but also mental issues whether anxiety or depression...With bodywork instead of talk therapy, you can bypass the unconscious mind which runs your life most of the time.


I love to see people transform and be freed from self-limiting thoughts about their potential ( to heal themselves).  There are many clients who have experienced wellness and vitality because the flow is stronger with the enhancement of awareness and blood and chi.   You can take advantage of bodywork which rejuvenates certainly beyond the aim of superficial /skin massage.  Up to you!  You tell me what you want, and I will give it to you professionally.


You have a can consume a massage as if it were to scratch an itch or you can experience a massage to help you relax, restore and even grow as a person and to learn to cope with this ever-increasing intrusiveness and demands on our time. Personally Massage provided me with a wider lens/angle on the world where there is no such thing as 1 plus 1 equals 2!



Many of my clients have learned life skills coping with extreme stress when their minds learned to copy the body's letting go! Yes, you can.