We have many belief systems and habits that rule over us. We often are not aware.  The awareness gained from this is pure gold, nuggets of wisdom that will change your life.


It does not have to be that way.  You can function being conscious of what is going on and thus respond to life as a whole by being grounded in your truth.  This is what transformational massage can help you with. It brings us to a quiet (meditative) space less your body tensions.  In that space,  there are moments of crystalline awareness which will help you break free of patterns that don't serve our higher purpose.


Many of my clients have changed their coping mechanisms because they managed to get out of their comfort zone. Today they are freed from being triggered by responses that don't edify or elevate their consciousness. Being aware and intuitive is the higher way to deal with this BI



Please ask us for the template which describes how to ensure you receive and keep your breakthrough with this body-mind fusion Massage.  Your mind will seal what the body has learned and vice versa. This is a journey. Yes, you still need the mind to record and possibly in a journal too! Your engagement depends on how much you are willing to open your mind and learn new things and actually change also habits, relaxation response & pains.


You first learned that you can engage and receive more from your body's intelligence. Now you need to massage your knowledge into your whole being and ground it. Knowledge needs to be embodied.  There are shifts occurring in the body, the mind and back and forth.    How can it get any better?


This page will require a code to open.  You can only learn from your body and mind as you go.  It's not an intellectual thing it is organic self-development and you just need to hear!  One shifts opens another shift and on and on.


If you seek transformation we can help you gauge your progress.   Your progress can be based on your goals but also what shows up.  Your healing progresses on its own not based on your own how to ideas and desires of how things should be.  You will want to be aware of your internal and external signs and actually look for them.  Because they will show up. I helped you engage with your body during the treatment now it is up to you to continue engaging with yourself and not dismiss the beauty of life that shows up!


Certain things only make sense if you experienced it first... it's info that you can apply when it makes sense and have initiated the journey.


Any change big or small is a change since some changes need time to bring to full fruition but in the meantime, you are building up so please walk your talk.  This is your work but I can guide you.  At times there are subconscious thoughts that come in and stop you from receiving.  GRAB YOUR HEALING breakthrough!