Self-healing means healing yourself naturally and allowing the body to self-heal naturally. 

Many though think there is the only way to do massage and only 1 way to feel massage! NO.


 If you hurt yourself or get wounded, you will keep it clean and apply iodine, aloe vera, and or coconut oil and you will find your body healing and rebuilding the skin. It is a beautiful process.


The body is meant to repair from disease to homeostasis as deepra  Chopra said.

I hear this statement often, "I want a massage". So they expect something like the past possibly a generic message, usually not a solution-based massage!  They expect to relax for one hour or sleep on a massage table. You can get much more! Do you want more?

Often massage is whether erotic or technical but often devoid of depth and restoration.  

Once I experienced self-healing with massage, the capacity to self-heal grew larger and larger to include conditions where western doctors can only control ( so they think) symptoms with prescriptions. Once you know, somatically,  it's easier to improve because you build on 'faith' and experience.

If you want a miracle, then get engaged. If you don't then do nothing and stay the same.

You just need to know you have choices and different outcomes. 

You are free to choose.

It starts with your mind and experiences and your ability to receive.  You will expect nothing and everything.  You will simply listen and see what shows up. 


With a greater connection with body and awareness, you can have a totally new experience of your body.  Now I know what massage is...said Tony Rea.






For some, it is a struggle to wake up and to learn as you go...and the ego says let's just get it done.  But you are part of the circle of energy! 


if you are more open-minded and want to live deeply and get more out of life ....then it doesn't happen in your head or buying having a beer...but out of their body.

The body is intelligent and forgiving and it will speak and help you self-heal. Why not work together? The body heals in a holistic way because it does not just repair a shoulder because you have shoulder pain it will help organize the body and get to the cause.

If you don't understand or you don't have time to understand. It is ok


Again it depends on what you are seeking? If you want to change or not is up to you. If you want to make big shifts happen, you need to meet your temple and the inner alchemist.

If you want more value than a 1-hour relaxation massage, I can help you much.


This is for people who care about being healthy and be relieved of pain or stress. If your ego wants to do it its way or just sleep...then 

don't expect big results


I will not say it is an easy job to bring this learning of conscious healing through stillness because we are trained and programmed to be just in our minds and to rely for example on the doctors' diagnosis based on his interpretation of symptoms and then comes the pill.  What I bring is a new way to alchemize our internal powers and once you wake them up, it gets easier.  It is a waking-up process that will allow the body to do what it does best, to self-heal.

The same principles apply to bodywork when you receive a hands-on energy massage.  And building incrementally with the help of your chi and circulation.  It is natural for the body to move towards homeostasis, it just needs the right environment. It is helpful to be all in with readiness of body, mind, and spirit. 

However, the greatest results arise when we focus on what we are doing and naturally what needs to occur will.  The transformational massage allows people to experience wonderful positive changes that relieve them of pain, stress, and conditions. 


Delving into Alpha state and no longer dependant on the external world.  From there you can easily move forward and be free from past or outdated belief systems. Do not take offense.  Many times people come with limited thinking that you can only go so far and that means not far or no change......The capacity for deep change was not even a thought!  That is why I am here, to help you feel your own exquisite power of restoration this healing/humanity/temple.


Self-healing is a journey towards your natural powers to self-heal by activating the body and thus also renewing the mind.  The more aware you are the more you can be empowered and conscious to connect with the unified field.   Self-healing is for everybody however you will appreciate it when you do it and when you experience it and that often means when you want to transcend past habits, and thinking and you can create a new creature.  We can break out from a life that can be restrictive and may be lacking expression and creativity. This mean that the thinking is not based on unlimited possibilities.


Random acts or lacking reflection will not suffice if you want to extract healing from a healing type of massage.

You can learn presencing, to accelerate self-healing particularly in the beginning, will not enable a rewiring of the brain with neurons.  For sustainability allow the changes to integrate into your life. Or else the ideas remain like concepts and just float in your mind.

Would this bring something new to your consciousness and liberates you to think differently? If you want to change, then you need to experience something new.  If we continue to think and act like the past will it create anything fresh and new?


Some want to use their insurance benefits but not aiming for health benefits because they just don't know and expect more of the same. In the end, you will only know when you experience it, however, we will attempt to clarify with words and examples.  No matter what is said, the learning happens in the body bringing in new states of experience, changing the brain's neuron connections as you learn new experiences.


There are many areas that you can self-heal including pain and tensions, as per testimonials. Self-healing means usually you are feeling really alive and well. It is very tangible but this is not just a change in your body... you are a lighter and higher version.  It brings you to the present moment rather than the past or the future where the mind keeps shifting.


You are often shedding some aspects of you that no longer serve you and may experience a shift.......A clear, quiet space is often conducive to create a new habit and a new you.  Breaking away from the areas that you identify with and focusing elsewhere can break away old subconscious habits that hinder you, You don't know what you don't know.  Yes, the massage is relaxing but it ripples into the mind if you let it. 


Words are limited when it comes to somatic experience. Please be patient. Or just simply experience the body and find your own words to many potential shifts that occur in the loosening up of beliefs just around how good a body can feel...and this enables the breaking of also wired habitual thinking in other areas.  Your body feels awesome (more than the mind) but the mind brings or seals the shifts.  Some clients experience being transported to different states of mind. 


Why not use massage and for the same price to encourage the self-healing of your body, mind, when you take a break from yourself and your environment there are many biochemical changes including spontaneous remissions, genes, and telomeres modification.  


Much energy and attention on the external world, material things, past and the future, and your wounds and stress, then you drain energy. 


Many studies show how meditation has brought healing potential to bodies where the emotions were sickening the body in Dr. Joe Dispenza's clinical studies.  


Massage helps you tune in with its meditative quality but also physical restoration can more quickly bring results and change of behavior and thinking.

 And when practiced with journaling helps you drop your false ideas about you and the world. 

This takes time in order to ground the changes however it works to bring you freedom and shed the unproductive heavier feelings attached to memories and beliefs   This is all part of the process of self-healing and unraveling.