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The results will happen

incrementally as you progress with the therapy.
These specific acupoints which a
re the link between me and the client, can be located in different places on the body. Acupoints are not localized necessarily.  


Every person is different, and the points work differently for everybody.  Humans are different and complex, however, we all self-heal in one way or another but not the same body responses or areas are sensitive.

It is important to get out of the box since this is not a robotic massage, we need to adapt to your needs and how your body responds.
​The body has its own language whether it is ill or not or trying to self-heal. We learn about the body's response since we will know that the body is responding to treatment and developing patterns. 


Focusing on natural and innate means from the inside out will build you and help you maintain. (Men's health clinic operated by doctors charge $2400 using electrical currents and physical activities.)  However, we don't depend on drugs or needles, electricity or blood as external tools.

With the right attitude and  knowledge of the body and the mind and self-healing

you will experience in your body changes as you go and when you take inventory; tune in and trust your body.

​Some clients who had a lot of tension in the prostate before experienced a shift after Asian-based treatment of acupressure /reflexology, the prostate eased off and was much more relaxed.   You will be able to gauge the changes mean for you every week whether quantitatively or qualitatively. We can set it up more clearly as we understand your particular situation. 


How forgiving is our body! Imagine that you can trust your own body.   How would life be supportive of you?

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