First Visit

   We will clarify your health status and your goals/concerns. 


   If you have lofty goals then I will ask you to be opened minded to this  effective self-healing process and engaged in body mind connection. There are different levels of relaxation and self-healing..the bigger your goal the more you need to be present.  It is your choice and your life. I am giving you the options and the the process. 


In order for big changes to occur you need to go deeper and experience your own shifts. If you want to sleep and expect changes, You are not being aware of how changes occur and may be disconnected.

    You will come to the first visit with your questions. Get all the stuff out of your head and start fresh.

    If you cannot or refuse to try new things and or  tune in with yourself.  If you can't be opened and grateful.  Ask for a regular massage. I am happy to provide it and you get regular results. No offence.  We do it when you r ready.

   f you have very big goals where western medicine says there are no solutions but the pills.  Please commit to at least 5 sessions so that i can help you on your path. 

May the force be with you.

As you learn from this experiential process you will be able to progress faster and increment the changes. One session builds on the other. If you expect your mind to know before the body, you are wrong to assume that.  Your mind is linear and logical  & based on past information and habits.