First Visit

   Please be advised first, that i don't accept last minute appointment nor do we do erotic massage. Secondly, we focus valuable professional life-enhancing therapeutic massage. Thirdly, I will ask you what bothers first/your requirements and we take it from there....We can help you confidently if you seek pain or stress or many conditions relief. (Condition pertains to other physical or mental/emotional issues which irk you.)


   There are practitioners like me who actually know how the body works and can more easily provide you results!  I OFFER REAL PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE FOR SELF-HEALING which can affect your future in very surprising ways for your mind and or body.  Massage at my clinic is used as an intelligent tool for transformation not just a mere thoughtless shoulder or back focus with no holistic enhancement.  What do you choose to do for almost the same price or less? Do you want long-lasting results or a short-lived techniques?

My prices are often less than RMT but provide value to help the flow for the body and mind whose results cannot be quantifiable.

On the first visit details

   We will clarify your health status/lifestyle and your goals / concerns / expectations.  And we will find the right solutions for you based on your situation.  One important underpinning is by knowing the cause and obstruction with our signature protocol, it will ease our path to self-healing  through your body's language. Your body will help use find the cause and obstructions. I respect your choice when you clearly express your needs.  If you don't know what you need, I can help you.

The first visit you pay for the first session at regular price.  Afterwards i need a commitment if you seek big results.  For example if you seek relief from chronic problems or to alleviate anxiety, depression and more. Please commit to at least 5 sessions so that i can help you on your path and get incremental changes.  For example the men's health is not just a massage it has affected clients for 10 years! Thus you cannot compare a just relaxing massage with men's health!! Let us grow up fast please.

If you don't have goals to transform your life/body then you can get a loyalty card which offers 1 free massage and the average price is lessened. Please ask for details.


   When you have lofty goals, like little miracles,  then I will ask you to be opened minded to this  effective self-healing process and engaged in your body mind connection. There are different levels of relaxation and self-healing..the bigger your goal the more you need to be present.  It is your choice and your life. I am giving you the options and the process so you can choose wisely.


   To manifest big changes you need to go deeper and experience your own shifts. If you want to sleep only during massage and expect changes, You are not being aware of how changes occur and may be disconnected.

    Please come with your questions. Get all the stuff out of your head and start fresh. Clear you mind.

    If you cannot try new things/ways and or  tune in with body.  If you can't be opened and grateful.  Then just ask for a regular massage. I am happy to provide it but you get regular results. No offence.  We do it when you are ready.

  May the force be with you.

    As you learn from this experiential process you will be able to progress faster and incrementally. One session builds on the other. You cannot expect your mind to know the answers, the body will say the truth and find the solution! Your mind is linear and logical, a much needed skill for engineering and computer etc but you are also based on past information and habits but the body works differently. The body works in the now and intuitively.

N.B. This is licensed holistic massage. And can be covered in insurance with these key words or combination of key words: licensed, holistic. certified. Please ask your insurance or me for more details. You need to pay me directly.