First Visit

This is not a regular massage; there is more engagement at times and self-reflection with the process that will help you stretch further and transform your past habits and thinking. And if you want results in an area of life you will need to experience and increment it and look at possibilities beyond the past and not just think about it.


If you want more value, we can help you. However, first, let us expand our perceptions of what massage is and its gains.

As my client above said, massage can be a very healing experience.  There is no way that a trivial massage where you slept and just focused on skin sensations would change anything.

An intentional massage is a sacred act, a flow state

thus let's be genuine with what we seek and respect it. I accept you as you are and will support you in your journey and requirements even as they change.  Communicating our progress is important and expressing needs and gains so that we can move forward. We will ask you to clarify or be conscious of the following and not all at once and not all at the same time!

If you don't expect anything you may not gain anything however the bigger your goals to more your engagement.  We focus on connecting with the body and self-healing to leverage the most value.

We understand that tuning in may take a while to learn, please be patient and let it grow and you will be able to get an exponential impact.


  • Your needs and goals that you seek from the massage if you can

  • Do you seek professional massage to relieve pain or stress? 

  • Do you want complete silence? Or can you tune it?

Later if we can go deeper we will this beyond physical.

This is not:

  • a regular superficial skin massage

  • a robotic technique or piecework

  • a generic massage to feel good for only 1 hour.

  • just a generic full-body massage.

  • just techniques that you like for its fleeting nature.

  • a localized massage. 

  • consumable service but a long-lasting change

  • my massage but it's your massage when you express what you need.

  • erotic

  • hjob or any other unprofessional act

  • last-minute appointments​

  • private number

  • bullying

  • judgmental

  • pics