First Visit

  • Clarify what you want to gain from massage and we will find solutions.

       We can help you and combine different modalities such as Lomi lomi massage and or Acupressure.

  • Expect results from holistic massage in Toronto with incremental health-enhancing for pain and stress relief.

  • This is not a regular superficial skin massage. This is not a robotic full-body massage nor piecework. This is not a generic massage to feel good for only 1 hour.  All massages have a name and purpose. They are not just techniques that you like or know with fleeting nature. We focus on the cause and self-healing and not a localized massage.

  • I may need to hear your voice with a phone call; i don't perform digital massages.

     I need to know your situation/ goals.

  • If you don't want much or you want much of the same, that is exactly what you get.


Please come prepared to ask your questions and get engaged

$80.00/hr tax inc. for pain/stress relief.

text us for a 10 min chat or to book at 416 6544325


Massage is a sacred act let's be genuine and respect our boundaries. I accept you as you are and will support you in your journey and requirements.

  • no last-minute appointments

  • 24-hour notification is needed.

  • no private number

  • no erotic massage

  • no bullying

  • no judgment

  • no pics

  • no piece work

  • no happy endings no pretend massage with innuendoes such as full body massage.

  • I am a holistic self-healing-based highly skilled whose extensive intimacy with body talk and self-healing opened doors to natural healing.

  • Harmony and ease and stress-free are important in this bodywork. Self-healing cannot be forced.  All things will change organically. I need to have the freedom to do what I need to. 

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