First Visit

  • Clarify your needs and gains from the massage if you can. Do you seek professional massage to relieve pain or stress?  Intentions are very powerful conduits to manifest.

  • We adapt solutions to your goals with a body-mind protocol that can include 1 or more massage solutions such as Lomilomi massage &/or Acupressure, Reflexology, and Thai Massage

  • We expect results from intentional  holistic massage with incremental health enhancement for pain and stress relief. If you don't expect anything you may not gain anything.


  • We focus on connection with body and self-healing to leverage the most value.

  • If you don't want much than that is exactly what you get.

  • The most important is to tell me what you want simply and thus the intention. For example: Do you want complete silence of to learn to connect?

  • We understand that tuning in may take a while, please be patient and let it grow and you will be able to get exponential impact when you restore and connect.


As my client above said, massage can be a very healing experience, and this cannot be just a massage as we have trivialized massage in the past, if you want value.

  • You can allow yourself to receive.


  • We focus on the cause and self-healing and your body will be your ally.

  • I may need to hear your voice with a phone call to ensure we are on the same page and we chat about your situation/ goals.

        How to ease your journey.


        This is not:

  • a regular superficial skin massage.

  • not a robotic full-body massage.

  • piecework.

  • a generic massage to feel good for only 1 hour.

  • just a generic full body massage.

  • just techniques that you like for it's fleeting nature.

  • a localized massage. 

  • consumable service but a long lasting change

  • my massage but it's your massage when you express what you need.


Massage is a sacred act, thus let's be genuine with what we seek and respect our boundaries. I accept you as you are and will support you in your journey and requirements even as they change.  Let us respect each other.


You are welcome to tell me what is the outcome you seek and i will find the solutions.  However its important to have respectful approach such as keep focused on results and find ways to get there. 


Many clients forget the goal and the results they had so it's more difficult to build up.  Can we please focus on the desired outcome and the attitude to progress? The following does not enhance the experience. ty for reading,

  • no last-minute appointments

  • 24-hour notification and cancellation is needed.

  • no private number

  • no erotic massage

  • no bullying

  • no judgment is necessary

  • no pics

  • no happy endings

  • no pretend massage with innuendoes




Receive healing energy from touch- miracles happen with massage in Toronto--

Receive healing energy from touch- miracles happen with massage in Toronto--

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