Not all people are made the same.

Massages are not all made the same and

the experiences are also very different.


We often judge according to the past, unfortunately.



This client is a good example since he thought he knew what massage was since he relied on past more technical get it done massage with no real presence and intention... Well, guess what there is a big difference in how you receive when you give more profoundly.    Thus until he experienced Joanna's LOMI LOMI, he just thought massage was only what he experienced in the past which was no feelings.    

Now he knows you can feel much more and deepen the body connections...he felt the massage and the aliveness that wakes up body and mind.


That aliveness means many things but in essence, you will feel your body's reactions and aliveness in your personal way.


For many, a somatic experience has a different vocabulary that you will learn as you go..... he like you has difficulty to tune in and find the words.  We can all learn if we want to. 

Connecting is a life-changing and awakening.