Relieve pain and stress

with ease and joy 


Affordable Chair Massage.


We use a comfortable chair massage and come to your location for an hour or more.


We appreciate your leadership skills and how much brainpower is needed to be masterful with relationships and information.  We have a solution to sustain your energy when your mind is on overload? You need stillness my friend to see things in the proper perspective.

What if you cannot depend on the familiar past? Change is required to get a different result or a different you.   Either way, what is required is energy and to be in the flow. 


We have a unique way to leverage your inner world to tap into the quantum field of unlimited possibilities where your inner wisdom creates your unique path.....Emptying the mind and rest brings ( new neuron connections) will replenish you with fresh energy and insights.  Your new future cannot be defined by your past. 


Massage can help you to open new neuron circuitry from this profound restorative inward experience. Yes, we can. Operating from a whole being experience, not just your mind or a program or a habit, you will draw in higher frequencies emotions and thoughts and new life.


What if massage were like (or better and more affordable and quicker results than) a meditation, a vacation, a prayer, and a refill of coffee? What if massage in stillness nurtures you deeply to enable you to clear a space for change? Beautiful!


There is a simple natural and affordable solution to be renewed.  Do you know how it feels to be truly relaxed in the body and mind and connected? There are so many levels of relaxation and consciousness.  I know what you are thinking but many have not experienced this deep connection with body yet. This heightened relaxation response can break habitual thinking and affect many aspects of your business and personal life.   

I am interested. What do I do?

  • Please text me about your requirements, times and location at 416 6544325 with the tag #mobile at business 

  • We can confirm the appointment by text and when depositor $40.00 is made.

  • By appointment only at least 4 hours of notification is needed.

  • no last-minute appt unless its an emergency. #stress reboot

  • By paying in advance $40.00 body

  • Minimum 1hr, $105.00 depending on location

  • Loyalty cards available

  • 24 cancellation notification required

  • Mobile: Massage services available at your office in Toronto:  (west of Broadview and east of Islington and South of Sheppard).

Real change can occur when you are in that open and empty space from massage (meditation among others).   Dr. Joe Dispenza belabours on recreating yourself when you meditate with a higher frequency field and not identify with your old self.  He has practical scientific knowledge about how to change yourself and the situation. I bring my knowledge of the body and his knowledge to create change.  Be surprised! 

 How about neuroscientific evidence?