The external Massage therapy
is very effective


to eliminate and reduce urinary symptoms and for a long period of time. 

Again prostate massage therapy purpose is to support your prostate health.  It is an important gland but does not solve all your problems!

Dave is still benefiting from very little urinary symptoms even 11 years later!

Whether it be urination at night or dribble or volume...Now he can sleep and feels rejuvenated  with  no more nuisance and aging and the energy draining enlarged prostate symptoms.
If you are interested in solving your prostate problems please call me at 416 6544325 to discuss your situation for 10 minutes.

And once you experience your first massage at clinic, we can  decide if we are a good fit.  You initial investment is 130.00 for about 1.5 hr which includes a massage.  There are no stand-alone options since you benefit from incremental changes and you don't solve 10 years of life in one session!

Please do not call me with unprofessional requests.