Feel your emotions in your body with ACUPRESSURE

There comes a time when we just have to deal with the persistent emotions which can hinder us from being our highest versions.  Whether it would be anger or sadness or fear, these emotions are lodged in our body from past experiences. You can feel oppressed and tied down not knowing the cause of these feelings dominating our lives.  The body has held on to these emotions while the mind found it too painful.

Case of anger:

Alberto was very angry. Frankly I had to tell him that I would to be able to treat a condition if his emotions would be so intense.  After 1.5 of sessions, Alberto was no longer triggered and did not feel he was attacked.  It was a very difficult period since he was being offended by many things I did to even help him...but that is how bad it gets when you are angry and not sure exactly why...The whole world feels against you.  Any of this makes sense to you?


You can help your body massage these emotions out with acupressure specifically focused on the painful emotion.  By pressing on the emotional pressure points we can release our deeply felt painful thoughts and emotions.  I also combine other therapies including psychosynthesis. 


For example, if you are experiencing grief, there is a particular point on the conception vessel to release that emotion.  There is so much power to release emotions in an embodied way rather than talking about and talk about it again.


A highly focused massage is intrinsically a very touching act that deeply resonates at the emotional level too.