with Holistic MASSAGE?

Based on clients and massage therapists, Massage is a lame term to describe some relaxation or entertainment. Well, it's much more valuable than those 2 consumable expensive services.  It can enhance your very own self-healing capacity through the restorative process bringing in listening, awareness and receiving.  You will learn this as you go.  Some clients have relieved all their body pains which they never expected. That means that for the next 40 years they will live pain-free or less pained unless there is something else going on!


Some clients can live fuller lives because they can move their arms and work and also hold their grandchildren...I am asking you to break free of old judgments about massage and be open minded.  The definition of relaxing is becoming restorative and an opportunity to look for better holistic solutions.


There are many scientific studies showing changes in the brain (with the use of MRI),  to prove that the body is bio-chemically changed with meditation and relaxation. There are many more people in the lucrative field of meditation who can afford scientific studies and with a stake in these results.  However, this also indicates that the different mental states of relaxation responses provoke the healing power in your body. Like meditation, massage has proven its positive impact on your physical being and moving into your whole being.


Sebastian explains it clearly.  " I feel brand new and its a very little investment to experience this wonderful state".