with Holistic MASSAGE?

Why not use massage to encourage the self-healing of your body, mind, soul and as far as sexuality if needed. How much better can it get?


There are many scientific studies showing changes in the brain (with the use of MRI),  to prove that the body is chemically changed from meditation. There are many more people in the lucrative field of meditation who can afford scientific studies and have a stake in these results.  However, this also indicates that the different mental states of varying relaxation responses provoke the healing power in your body. Like meditation, massage has proven its positive impact at any level of your being starting from the physical and moving into your whole being.


When body-work is well-performed, the ripple effects are huge and can also chemically and positively change you.  However, it's is all based on a client's many different shifts that occur in a burst of a great feeling of wellness.  That is based on personal opinion about an experience of such positivity that is hard to explain.  


Sebastian explains it clearly.  " I feel brand new and its very little investment to get this wonderful state".


The reason why scientists did not include massage in their relaxation response studies and its positive impact is that many scientists don't know that massage can relax them! Whether they don't know how or their service provider is not capable of producing a relaxed and restored state.  They don't know that they don't know so they rely on past studies or on studies that include prayer and meditation among others.


However, the scientific studies on the physiological effects of receiving a massage are very limited and also can be contested.  Whether there are scientific studies or not, people that connect at that deep level with their body (with massage )are changed and also self-healed!


Even with the lack of scientific analysis on the impact of massage, there is self-healing happening in my clinic when the patient is accessing another deeper dimension of relaxation which I call restoration.  Something magical happens of which is substantiated by the feelings, perceptions and physical changes from the client.  The scientific studies don't want to rely on personal and subjective feelings of clients however the results are still happening!  I ask you to trust your feelings since that is all you have and the body knows best and will not lie. 


The placebo effects of 1000s of studies have proven over and over again that fundamentally the good results from a therapy were based on relaxation and trust and faith including the feelings towards the caretaker or doctor and not based on the pill!


Although meditation is good to clear the head and detach from the heavy thinking it does not provide the needed release of tensions or that emptying to enable a refill of fresh energies. Massage adds another dimension from the energetic exchange, called restoration and release of tensions and a greater embodiment ( mind-body connection).  We all should know what happens when orphans are not touched and left to themselves.  Horrible results from these studies indicate that touch is life to these babies.  Have we forgotten the power of touch when we grew up and when we met a loved one or have we made the mind KING?


Massage can accelerate the self-healing process because of the


  • healing (energetic) touch

  • body-mind connection

  • the opening of strategic energetic areas of the body

  • intention

  • letting go ego and control

  • surrendering to the body's mechanism of self-healing.


There are 1000s of years of self-healing ancient knowledge that has been relegated to quackery due to linear mindedness of western medicine/ Ancient people knew and you can too that the use of mind, faith, and emotions can manifest in their external and internal world.  Dr. Greg Dradens' researched and wrote many books clarifying the power of the healing process.


Self-Healing means you can heal yourself and be physically restored and mentally renewed. The sacred book delves into the renewal of the mind as a starting point to change.  As scientific studies have also shown that so-called miracle for some, occurs when you are relaxed (and perceiving or willing to make something positive happen.)


The body and mind shifts to the right nirvana state, to heal itself of imbalances and disease ( when prompted). Self-healing does not happen just in the mind nor is it just a mind over body scenario but it is embodied too.  That is why self-healing is not just a mindful operation because it is a real experience occurring and validated in the body.



Massage is often associated with relaxation of the body, however, we dismiss that the mind is changed too. Most of the time, the patients say that the mind is empty or light after the body let's go.


The self-healing process requires a depth of restoration not just feeling good for 1 hour. Massage will help you develop a relaxed response to shape your life positively, and respond to life and people in a peaceful and loving way. Relaxation is naturally occurring with body-based activities.  Being embodied brings us deeper into our mind-body heart connection rather than just a mindful or mechanical exercise devoid of feeling and connectedness.


Mindfulness activities focus on your head being quiet.  Most of the time we struggle with the mind to shut it down.  However with the release of physical tensions and bringing you to a quiet place of balance, then there can be deeper & lasting changes. We really need to clear our mind, let it go from the body and what better to refresh your life than with a Massage.


If there is dis ease or obstruction, then there should be self-healing too. This dis ease occurs when there is no energy flow due to obstruction which will open up the self-healing process. YOU CAN REVERSE THE CONDITIONS THAT SEEM IMPOSSIBLE. 


When the body teaches the mind to relax then we use the mind to continue to maintain our healthy body ( when we can't have a massage too) instead of a drug. Why ingurgitate toxic drugs? Recent research, published in the online journal Public Library of Science ONE (July 2), suggests that practicing the relaxation response can actually lead to changes in genomic activity.   In the study, his team of researchers looked at how the relaxation response affected each of the body's 40,000 genes and found that, compared with a control group, those who regularly used the relaxation response induced anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory changes that counteracted the effects of stress on the body.



We don't learn the same way, some are visual or auditory or kinesthetic however the very intellectual learners or even the closed minded person would probably try to use the past method of learning to try to understand what he doesn't know. What is really this miracle of the body's natural healing power? The book of wisdom, says to take care of your beautiful TEMPLE or it will be taken away. You cannot use your method of learning to understand a new subject.  An open mind will allow you to learn from the body's changes and aliveness.  Your past nor a linear mind will not be able to explain the unlimited higher consciousness of the body.


If you were a scientist or a skeptic, everything has to be linear or provable or based on rigid or old scientific rules. Not every experience and miracle has been dissected and researched.  Although many people have been self-healed from accident or cancer or other, these everyday healings happen spontaneously and with no laboratory test. Only the person who has gone through a difficult situation and then shifts, only then they get an insight.  However even then, if the mind is too proud and ungrateful, the experience becomes dismissed and not part of your life's learning. That is why we call it a mind-body somatic experience!


However, I operate in the continuum and flow of chi/life force which often can only be felt and proven with many different changes occurring when the work is done or the massage is performed and felt. Information helps you in a very limited way unless it's felt deeply in your body. You cannot understand it in a way to allow easy and joyful changes. When it stays 


Managing the internal landscape (thinking, emotion & beliefs) requires a deepening of awareness to allow the natural self-healing incrementally, You cannot rely on superficial actions to cause powerful changes. It is in the supernatural realm for many however we always had the power to self-heal before western medicine forgot it.  You need to be open-minded and learn by the experience in your body and transcend your own past and limited experiences.  You don't know what you don't know.


I have never been bored in body work since I constantly learn how the body speaks and heals itself, during this 10-year span.  You cannot google it. You cannot learn it in a massage course. 


Although it may seem like a harnessing and cultivation of chi as defined in Chinese Medicine, I am sure that Chi/LIFE FORCE/ENERGY has a way or life of its own and does not just follow meridians but also transcends and goes off the charts.  Chi is in all living things, nature and around you and can energize you!


CHI has an innate knowledge and knows where the body has an obstruction.  This understanding comes from my direct experience with this generous CHI/LIFE FORCE which creates a healthy blissful state evidenced by pain -stress relief but also a peaceful and joyful mind.  My clients state that they are vibrating differently, feel better but cannot scientifically explain it, obviously.  We are often unhappy or ungrateful about our situation and we forget to focus on what is working! That is why we need the mind factored into this bodywork.


The reason why I wish to share this with the world is that my experience with Life Force has brought me to a higher intuitive stage and greater skill and results; the possibilities are endless....I had a client with a herniated disc, rotator cuff, post-accident, bodily pains and sexual dysfunctions that have been self-healed among others.


The medical professionals had given up on these individuals and recommended the scalpel and or a very austere diagnosis of their future. Today they are back working, biking, playing music, boating, walking at the bluffs and leading productive lives and having sex. Do you want to read more?