with Holistic MASSAGE?


A holistic approach to bodywork/massage enables to open obstructed meridians and allow also for the connections for the body's intrinsic healing. However, the body is part of the whole body ( the mind and spirit and emotions)  The changes are seen physically but also manifest at a subtler level such as emotions.   Even if not seen with the naked eye, it is still part of your makeup and you are not one-leveled but part of a holistic system.  Thus a rigid mind can slow down your self-healing process with its constant over-analysis based on past knowledge and not on self-healing experiential knowledge.   Many changes occur and if you dont' have an mri to scan brain, you will need to grow your awareness. 

Unfortunately many are still not cognizant nor knowledgeable to clarify intellectually the impact of life force /chi experience upon them. Using the right words helps us to progress and stop the heavy analysis and just base your self on the factual perception of what is occurring in your body and mind.
Even the experience of Chi is not easy to label with a neat terminology because it's very varied in its breadth and in its continuum flow. While a linear process is easier for most people to comprehend. However, most of the feelings that occur with a shift of energy are embodied and can be proven; you can feel temperature changes and tingles and waves in the body. With the body 1 plus, 1 doesn't = 2.  Expect to be surprised.
You need to experience at a physical level, in your body for you to know. This is body knowledge not mind knowledge. The self-healing experience is a visceral, guttural, physical, metaphysical attunement that does NOT need the fragmentation and compartmentalization of the analytical thinker.


The facts are that my clients feel this extreme wellness when they receive a …they often feel connected and energized but stay calm. relaxed body and then transfers over in their mindEvery body responds differently and depending on where they are in their lives and stress levels.

massage including the pain and stress relief…and it happens first in their


In the integrative and energy medicine field,  they perceive the parts not as isolated but holistic & connected.  However, there are different layers and perspectives and angles to understand this miracle of the whole body healing mode.  What is happening in this cause and effect? Is this a miracle?  The body is built to heal and go to homeostasis. 


For 1000s of years the body and mind have been healed without the use of drugs and as the sacred texts reveal, you will be healed when you turn meaning when you have a change of heart.  Read and listen to their testimonials too, you may need that wisdom too at some point in your life.


However, why limit us to a mind-body connection when in essence, we are a rich and multi-faceted whole being with mind, body, emotions, spirit & sexuality. Often the physical imbalance has started before it manifested in its' physical body. When we are better connected it will enable us to gain personal, relational, social and economic well-being.  We can make change happen.  And as you change internally, this will open up a more loving space towards your humanity and more opportunities will open up in your external world.  What a potential to manifest more when your internal landscape

( mind and emotions)  is hopeful & beautiful!


Scientifically, it is known that many of our systems have the biology to self-repair for homeostasis. Our body renews itself in many different ways naturally and when we start a health plan. The organs, glands, and brain etc can change based on new thinking and infusion of healing energy.


Research has shown that patients with chronic diseases have healed with the right and even the wrong drug because it's not the drug that made the difference but the patients' perception of a caring doctor!  Placebo is faith and love based? Yes.


My approach to self-healing is based on the life force which is GOD sourced and the tools are often Chinese medicine and energy.

all-inclusive nonjudgmental whole being and Self-healing occurs because the whole body is revved up and the mind is renewed.


The Chinese principles are based on the opening of the obstructed energy meridians to bring life force and healing, however, I have witnessed that life forces cannot be boxed in and is not limited to what the Chinese have studied for 2000 years. The Life Force is generous & goes where it is needed.  Keep an open mind.


If the temple is a God thing so why would the temple and the mind not be part of the miracle of GOD


The closest concept resembling self-healing but not yet there is the new western medicine, integrative medicine, which offers the holistic approach to partnering, listening, lifestyle, prevention and relies on different therapies that have worked.


I have seen this phenomenon, a Blissed state that is caused by a connection made between the body and its organs and parts and meridians and also the connection between the body to the mind and vice versa. Many times the client would feel chi move elsewhere in the body or a more remote area in the body.  The post-massage period affects the mind, emotions, and spirit. 


The phenomenon of these electrical currents seem to start with your relaxed body then moves to weak areas, thus the life force rebalances. It is a beautiful experience in the body and transcending relaxation. Every scientific mind should do it, just to “rattle the cage”.



Chi is allowed to affect your body, mind, emotions, and spirit thus the whole being is impacted. The relaxed body elevates your vibrancy, to lead your self-operating system to release a balming life force and healing hormones. Do you want to analyze this or do you want healing results from the experience?  You decide.