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Do you seek more value from your massage?
Massage is a subjective experience

There are many levels of intensity and expansiveness and awareness and gratitude. This state of being colors our experience and also determines if you can keep the gains.

Being embodied aware is available when we are present and patient 
(not living in our heads). This altered state of being arises in a slow stress-free environment with an open and soft mind.

Unfortunately though some unknowingly perceive massage as a consumable product to be used and discarded. 

However, you can find yourself and learn in quiet moments as new insights emerge. Knowledge is power but Shifting activates you and helps you process many difficult situations.



Being in the energy field

the massage is a wonderful experience physically on the skin and energetically with a 3-way energy exchange(practitioner, client and the body). The body holds the information and is more important to be listened to.

The body responds to touch and energy and shows us energetic disruptions with pain among other responses. The body has a unique language that has physical sensations and often takes place during massage therapy. Physical means its something you feel in your body.  

We can help you find the causes of your issues too with scans, if interested.

Do you want to learn SELF-HEALING MASSAGE?

When you are quiet with a freer head space, you can experience euphoria and new states of being.  There is a great opportunity to shift and change, and that is a transformational massage!  The body brings your there rather than a full mind or mindfulness.

If you want to stay as is and not change anything, it is your choice and i respect it.  You have the choice to go where you want. Maybe you just want to lie on a massage table for 1 hour and relax and that is fine because we will discuss your goals first and pursue the outcome you seek.

However, if you want results and have big goals and or you have pain, you will need to engage and book perhaps at least 4-5 sessions to maintain your changes and teach your body new ways. If you choose to aim for big changes it is a process and not a random and thoughtless act. For some it is the most important shift.

Behind the scenes, when self-healing

and awareness is heightened, we are trusting and building a relationship with the body.  A regular or physical massage based on techniques or a textbook cannot be substituted.

more powerful connection is made when we listen and tap into the body's intelligence.

It's intentional and very present and unlimited in scope compared to the often linear mind which is limited by past experiences and often semantics.


We are connecting
at a deeper level somatically, and your body and senses and emotions are awakened. The body leads and quiets the mind, validating the reality of the body-mind interaction. You can leverage that intelligence it is your choice.

How did I get here doing this? Peruse my story here.

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