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for all genders 

You can make change happen by looking at it and focusing on it. This is an important aspect of self-healing of the body and also the mind.  This what cause many shifts in my life and changes my habitual thinking. There are millions of physical, emotional, perceptions, downloads, and chemical responses that we can learn some are invisible and some are not during the massage. We experience physically and energetically from sensations to senses and to shifts.The SSS formula.

Disidentification to your mind will make you aware of your body and brings you close to who you are. Dr Joe Dispenza who is also experiencing healing in his workshop says that to change you need to change your concept of self.If you have too many rigid belief systems they may be in the way if you want to make big changes in your life! Is that true? Making the big changes will require that I no longer identify with my labels whether it be "not good enough", " not born in the right family", "you are broken", "You need to work day and night" "You need to suffer to make it" "You have to pay for that past" etc.Massage can help you get off it and become aware of what is running your life and limiting you!Some will benefit from greater self-understanding that improves clarity and groundedness. Massage can be alchemized to bring shifts that help you progress as a whole person with body, mind and soul. When the mind has wiggle space,you can get freed of habits, particularly habitual thinking.  What a delight to see that there is another way and that the experience is not emotionally laden or charged up anymore.  Emotional issues can dissipate when you come back home to your temple.



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