The peaceful abode


I was quite numbed out myself from trauma (and many others). It is a protection from not wanting to feel me and my body. It was painful!  The body taught me to be alive again and to wake up to its beauty and intuitiveness by connecting. 


The learning from this mind and body connection was deep and life-changing.  I did not have many happy thoughts in my mind/brain however the body experienced more pleasure than the mind! The body thought me that we can be safe and feel good!  THE BODY TEACHES THE MIND NEW WAYS OF THINKING. 


The importance of this work is beyond what we can imagine since many have researched that our mind/brain plays tricks on us and other energies can affect our thoughts.  They may not be our thoughts!  It may be your mother's thoughts or a spirit.


So the body which has a consciousness and truth can guide us. Have you noticed how the body can only do one thing at a time and sometimes it moves without thoughts?  There is a startling wisdom in our bodies. 


I had a desire to have a beautiful experience in my physical space which includes how I clothe me and how to enhance my physical space (home).  Why? I was not comfortable living in my body and mind.  I did not understand why my physical space needed to be was to make up for this lack of safety in my body.  My journey to my home (temple) was a long process.  Many decisions were made to find a way home not knowing where it would lead to. 


Let us explore what shows up in your massage experience.

I hope in this journey, you are encouraged to be free and expanded by using massage as a transformative tool.  It is not what you think. It is not about that shoulder or that foot. We are looking at the expanded version and the flow of life which is beyond the linear or limited or wounded version.


Holistic Massage treats the body within the whole person responding.  The ebb and flow of life, our body-mind-soul interact and affect each other. The many parts and zones and meridians in the body connect with each other, the shoulder's constriction will affect the flow southbound.  Anything else is a myopic or short-term in vision and impact.


The flow of chi and circulation enhances your health in your whole being which makes you feel great and healthy in short but also long-term while you integrate more into your lifestyle.  We tap into the body's intelligent internal chi, self-healing capacity, to activate you holistically and incrementally to roar and vibrate.  It's the difference between going to a specialist who only knows one organ versus the generalist who can see how your body all works together for good. In Chinese medicine, we are trained to see how one organ affects each other and how emotions and mind affects the body.  


We need to get to the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.


Depending on your goals, we have different massage modalities benefiting chi, circulation, pain relief, mobility, conditions, and prevention.  Massage is beyond a now fix, it can reboot you, rewire you and reset your be a more joyful, aware and productive citizen of the world. 


One very popular and effective energizing massage, the Hawaiian and spiritual Lomi Lomi, will surprise you with its simplicity. Like a wave of love with embracing, Long, wide and Loving movements will be adapted to you.  


You can learn better survival tools to manage your mind and emotions with a new relaxed response. Through our unique massage, chi "internal energy", is stirred up and brings about organic changes to the body and mind.  With self-care & on-going treatments, it releases transformative shifts to allow for new perceptions and breakthroughs.



As a practitioner, I learned to intuitively listen to your body's response, and transcend what currently is a short-term techniques/solution used on skin and muscles.


The expression of chi within the massage, provides in-depth healing to your whole being, thus enabling the expression of the body's internal language and thus self-healing. Increased awareness of your body facilitates chi and then circulation (blood), with the nurturing healing flow to the weaker areas. Holistic Massage rejuvenates & ripples into your mind, body, and soul because of the power of CHI to flow freely where needed.