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Highly focused solutions will help you self-heal your enlarged prostate and urinary system and or improve your sexual performance from the inside out by connecting to your body and its body's responses. Our embodied presence with an intentional approach, will empower you more greatly because you are the PILL. The energy works in a loop and the recipient is part of this energy.

We believe that external ( pill and surgery or prostate massagers) therapies often cannot bring the long-lasting results that your own body and trust/self-confidence can with the right massage and somatic approach.  That's why we empower you with natural and somatic therapies that you build from within with progressive sessions.
I have been told by Mr. X that if he stops taking the supplements his symptoms will come back. Supplements are not only not verified but not a cure-all most of the time for prostate problems.

Although acu- massage does the heavy lifting, the whole person is involved to allow for change and expect change and trust your body.
And your mindset and your health and healthier lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise can also help support you on this elevating journey as you age.
Many changes can happen along the way to affect or delay your progress and if you wait too long to find a solution, this therapy can take longer to bring you the results that are expected from younger men with healthier bodies.

We gauge your progress and learn to tune in to know where you are in the continuum.  When you engage you can get better and better with every session. 

This holistic process is a more delicate structure than a fixer-up manual work, it involves body and mind and that holds all the pieces together for good. 

When you see what is in front of you that is changing............. then that building block will help you see the other changes. That requires the mind to observe and integrate new information.

Knowing how the mind works is important
because you can sabotage this beautiful exercise in self-healing. The body wants to self-heal but the mind may have its ideas on how it's done!
The mind may have its agenda and use the past or limited info to give it significance while it's the incremental experience that builds up the trust. It's real and in front of you.  If you can learn a few things about self-healing, you will do very well! I can help you.

There is often a larger context operating in the background when we deal with such big changes that are not possible easily with regular supplements and medical procedures. 

Holistic Massage is an art of collaboration

but also patience, commitment, consistency and knowing the fundamentals of how bodies heal. We teach you how to raise your awareness and to ensure that 1 + 1 = more than 2!   You will learn to collaborate with your body and with me and learn self-healing as you go.
It is not a linear process or based on your past or logic. This is your body that is doing the self-healing for you and gratitude is an important aspect to keep in front of the mind.
Our process intelligently uses your body's energetic points to deliver incremental changes. The gains are incremental and build over a short time and the changes will maintain too!

An effective process based on incremental results will relieve your men's health concerns: sexuality  and or prostate. You may need one or both sexual and prostate acupressure services and between 5 to 8 sessions depending on your age.
It is about change and change is experienced differently according to the emotional maturity and appreciation level of every person.  And it is about little miracles since these changes are hard to manifest easily! Many clients were not able to relieve their urinary symptoms for years. 

We have found during our 15 years, that success factors in therapy require foremost confidence in the power of the work. It would be best if you let the body do its self-healing process period.  This is the simplest way to say it.  We are intentional, on the same page and goals and you learn to trust yourself, progress and your body.  You stay on the path and do it until you get the results. 

To facilitate progress, you are best to engage and be part of this change and not dismiss the changes since those are the building blocks. Although it may be difficult to wait for changes to settle, staying on the path and being coachable and simply present.  Self-healing is new for you, and that is okay we look at what is going on and how to gauge the progress and you will know where you stand. You are learning self-healing.

Some reviews are here.


Men's Health therapies at a medical level are not natural and use external therapies such as electricity and blood and are very expensive. Why not start with safe and empowering therapy which has already been proven to be effective and builds on you every session and your body? You will learn a lot about your body and will change your perception of how the body has your back!
It is holistic since we are not focusing on one small area only but the whole body's good circulation where there seems to be a problem because circulation is enhanced from within and goes to the places of need and it's not about only one area of the body but an all-functioning buzzing body.

Our holistic massage therapy is a process that leverages your body's intelligence and awareness to enhance your health at a deeper level. It's not a quick fix or a superficial sports massage, but a journey of energetic discoveries that wakes up your body and affects restoration and health for a long-lasting impact.
Many clients experience results even from the first session. Everything counts and builds for bigger changes. They all build on each other.
Most clients after the prostate therapy for example are not urinating at night time anymore or had at least a 50% improvement.   You can consider it a pseudo-marathon without stress and competition! 

Please listen to the videos on the review pages.

At our Center, we believe that physical or regular massage therapy is limited and superficial. That's why we transcend the physical to energy-based and body-mind interaction to offer professional non-intrusive solutions that deliver results with your engagement.
It takes 4, me, you, the tool and the energy!

You will learn as you go what results mean.

We are committed to ensuring results are based on self-healing from a dance of our focused massage therapy, your incremental shifts and my encouragement.
erotic, sexual, entertaining, or intrusive, even though it feels good many times.
If you are looking for a natural and holistic solution to enhance men's health - sexual and or prostate health, our intentional and holistic massage therapy is the right and safe choice for most men who may not be too heavily compromised.
With our incremental and effective process, you can experience the self-healing power of your body yourself and achieve a symptom-free and happier life. You Give your body time to self-heal and you can learn to trust your body during the process. 
The process for Men' Health Enhancement starts with pre-men's health.
Book your session today and call/text 416 6544325

and start your journey to a healthier you.


active men need help with prostate and sexuality
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