Neuroscientific Relevant Research:


  • There is often a positive clinical effect that self-healing can occur with non-scientific methods such as ancient systems whether ayurvedic, Chinese medicine, massage, yoga, tai chi, Qigong and more.


  • There are profound benefits to our health to take a break once a day from the mind and the constant stress. It is important to restore in between incessant stressful triggers (with even less than 1 hour) you can maintain a healthier and longer life. Rat experiments have been shown that constant stress with no breaks, causes death.



  • Mindfulness is scientifically- based activity whereby MRI has shown that there are biochemical changes in the body. Thus when you combine NOW-ness with the release of mental/physical tension from massage has tremendous potential to enhance your experience and wholeness.  Pure bliss can be tapped on.


  • Studies have shown that watching laboratory cells has changed the material.  Awareness is very powerful in manifesting change.