When I started this healing journey myself,  I was experiencing thoughts and the effects of a highly narcissistic family environment which were not making me happy.  I knew that there was something else to experience. I became a seeker of truth and harmony. I created goodenergybreak.com to help me focus on finding ways to take breaks which culminate in a better quality of life and hopefully one day will create new habits. 

After my deepening, the body-mind work I developed a new website,  intelligentbodymassage.com, which focuses on how the body supports the unraveling of self-healing to a peaceful and joyful state. 


My painful experiences helped me deal with pain at all levels and intuitively expect the body to support the mind to evolve. This is an ever-evolving journey through this tunnel towards the light.  Many people will deny they have pain (including) in their bodies and they will also not be able to articulate pleasure.  It always surprised me how shameful people can be about their bodies and to accept themselves..the body cannot lie. It will tell you how you feel about many things based on how you feel your body. It is a good place to journey.  Once you are comfortable in your body and you establish close communication there are a myriad of things that can occur when you will be changed forever.  One friend who is into critical thinking 24-7 has found that is body healed just by him massaging and focusing on my body. That was a great revelation for him.  It is miraculous what can happen when you focus on living in your body. Another well-educated client realized that he was not enough to just be smart and above all these other lower concepts such as body and emotions and spirit. He realized that he was not perfect and ashamed of his body, and had to learn how to receive and relearn a new way of approaching life rather than just think it out.  Another lady opened new doors of perception when she accepted her body's nudity and no longer was feeling clammed up and insecure..opening a new door of acceptance and love in her body. Losing weight became easier with the acceptance of her body.


You cannot heal yourself with just talk therapy or relying on the mind ( analysis, rationalizations, vengeance or ruminating etc), particularly with trauma and core issues. Carolyn Myss the author explains in her books that trauma cannot rely on the linear mind to heal the person's life, you need to transcend into the mystical experience when the core of the being has been attacked by a disruptive thought or action. 


 Massage is a good alternative to learn new ways of being and also prevent diseases ultimately.  We need to learn how to respond in a less emotionally charged manner.  Learning a relaxed response as written in the book by Harvard Cardiologist is an important skill given the increasing freedom to openly expressing our opinions but which is also counterbalanced by bullying and oppression of many citizen's rights for other trendier concepts and the stupidizations of mega online companies who monitor and mold how people behave and do life. 

You want to learn a new relaxation response in general or specific to your stress or pains, your body is the place where you embody the change.  Can you have a quiet mind and a tense body? Can you have a quiet mind when the body is restored?


One incident showed me beyond a doubt that the body has its own operating system and a mind of its own...after some deep work with a minister, I found myself closing the door downstairs for the first time.  Close my door created my boundaries.  The act of doing that was a very powerful indicator that I was ready to move forth from that stage. Many signs of life that there is a change show up on how you sleep, your dreams, your relationships, your pains, your coping mechanisms..and not so much your thought life.  The mind is overbearing and inflicts painful thoughts and has been shown to not say the truth or give you the brighter side of life. Take notice.


You need to engage yourself in the process when you do body work and make it experiential. This is a personal and unique experience. I teach you how to better connect with your body (temple) during the massage. Although we talk about these complex situations above, self-healing is for physical, emotional and sometimes spiritual issues.  It can be a simple neck pain to herniated disks to depression.  If you are ready to change you can help yourself more.  The body-mind is working synergistically. 


Although we know how the mind affects your body to the point that it can age or rejuvenate you. What we don't know as well is that the home (body) it resides in ( temple) when in a safe abode will facilitate the shifts and integration of new habits and perceptions including healing.  Because you simply connected to a higher wire!


You can use bodywork optimally to better connect to your core, joy, and peace and transform your life through the opening of your subconscious mind. There are many side effects to this energized stillness and your perception will expand beyond what your conscious mind is telling you. And welcome to a new and more beautiful reality.