This is what a young client with cancer (tumor in head) told me after the massage "I FEEL BRAND NEW" He came to me because he wanted his cancer to heal. He said he felt something work in his brain while he was here. He had many emotions that were heavy on his heart and fortunately was able to let go of anger among other emotions. The clearing of the heart was a very important aspect with the body work to help him let go of unwanted thoughts and emotions oppressing his life. intelligent body massage.com because you have an intelligent body

Finding freedom in Massage

One client whom i will call Emarld had after 9 months found HIS freedom in massage. He spent 2 years in Talk Therapy talking over his issues but never released the powers as he did with body therapy. He was experiencing stress, shame and unworthiness. As we did body work and he opened his body and mind to new thought patterns while relaxing, detaching himself from his rigid identifications. He finally reached high levels of freedom after 8 months and started feeling adequate at such a deep level. I felt the need to share this healing body work that heals these kind of "obsessions "of the mind. I focus on the body but all the insights that reveal along the way from every shift becomes a gem

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