Don't let the mind fool you that

being vulnerable while your self-healing is making you look like a fool. Dig your gold. You need to be strong to wait for the big Change.

What the mind does. What the body does. There is a difference when you seek freedom.

The mind comes up with platitudes worn out from many past years, that keeps you in limbo. It tells you to forget those feelings. There is no time. We have to work. The body says i want to breath out my feelings inside & release the treasures. I want to ride that new wave of energy and feel the ecstacy and new perspectives. I want to be freed from worry, fear, shame among other emotions.

Self-healing applies to the enlarged prostate also

Within 4 sessions usually. you can change the next decade. With a professionally done Chinese based massage you can lower your symptoms drastically. You don't need erotic internal massage which is not based on healing intentions but fun. Do you want great results and sleep at night with less walking to the bathroom? Since the prostate has become a money making gland...let me emphasize that traditional/professional and ancient acu-reflex GO ALONG WAY to treat you as a whole get you results that will surprise. Call me for the prices. This is not pay as you go. This is an incremental build up from one session to the other and you will need to go beyond the short term thinking to long term res

The man with the (emotional) pains is ok now. Open up to new ways of thinking and feeling which is u

50 something man came complaining about many physical pains. In hindsight, that is all he knew. However there was a deeper problem that he was ashamed about. He did not feel good in his body and wanted a change. A few sessions later he told me that his pains are gone. Then he told me the real problem about his impossible relationship and he was emotionally tormented. His wife does not do her share and it affected him emotionally for over a decade. His emotions caused him physical pain. After a few session, He felt for probably the first time a free mind from pain in his mind and thus body. And it is giving him time to get help and to give qual

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