It's not about techniques but about PRESENCE AND INTENT- When massage changes lives through an e

Push your own buttons --Change your life ----Energize your intent. It's not a full mind ( MINDFULNESS) that will help you transcend your overwhelming list. A connected mind body spirit will make you whole and balanced. Where the body is the evolutionary tool to transform your life beyond your limited mind sets based on past experiences. -where the body teaches the mind a deeper awareness and more relaxed response.

REBOOT_REWIRE_REDISTRIBUTE ENERGIES IN YOUR BODY with Massage that helps you self-heal.

Do you know what feeling good means or what it feels like? Many don't know: some have numbed themselves; some over weed; some over drink; some over think; some over eat; some over sex; some over consume; some over sleep; and some have only experienced superficial techniques /therapies that don't touch you at a deep level to make any change occur. HOWEVER if you get an high energy massage, you can experience life in a whole different way because something changes at a deeper and with a more elevated thought process. WWW. where we use the intelligent body to work for you. Have a blessed day.

You use Google to diagnose your problem?

Seriously, if you have no substantial knowledge of science, medicine, healing, massage modalities, natural medicine and healing process etc yet you rely on a single dimensional piece of research with GOOGLE SEARCH? Plus you have no previous experience, no guidance, no cases and no research; yet you want to superficially diagnose your problem? I would suggest you avoid labeling your problem based on a google search. It can cause more problems if you don't have not experienced anything practical about that topic or a related topic.Can you access the massive personal experience of others who have been there! One of my clients had a heel pain and quickly diagnosed: spur and wanted to believe it

Inhabit your body and avoid the chaos

Even for a moment , if you can feel a part of your body's aliveness. You can avoid the stress and the chaos. Even from all the egos at work and their tendency to hostility. Ego is attached to the thoughts in your mind. Why have a full mind (MINDFUL), when you can be joyful in your BODY? .For more information on how to connect with your body with ease and joy: WWW.

Ease your way to better sex & orgasm with Lomi Lomi Massage.

Stress causes issues in many areas including your intimacy and pleasure. Many of my clients tell me that their sexuality is awakened with regular massage such as LOMI LOMI. This is preventative medicine that will sustain a healthy sexuality. LOMI LOMI is known to enhance your flow of CHI AND CIRCULATION, and that is perfect for a well maintained body. Good sex is a sign of health! If you wish to know more about Massage therapeutic impact on your sexuality. Please call us and peruse

When massage releases emotions thus new life- LOMI LOMI MASSAGE

We are too busy to feel our life. While taking time to truly feel our feelings would give us so much energy back. We would have more energy for the wonderful things that would make us whole. All because it hurts. The Lomi can touch you so deeply with its exquisite stillness and connection .... Open up your heart and feel your sadness or shame. It's a blessing. Aren't you lucky to let it go now and not in 10 -20 years when it causes dis ease. Be happy to let go and dissolve one layer of life. Such a beautiful way to become so beautifully human! For more information please peruse or just use your voice and call.

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