Get a Re newed Prostate Gland!

Before CLIENT X met me, he felt out of control, stressed & very pessimistic about ever finding some positive path. The world was falling on him with cardiac, prostate and kidney problems among other things. He was averaging 3-5 times a night urination due to his ENLARGED PROSTRATE. Today he has sex, sleeps at night,is calmer and has a better relationship with wife and family. THE CLIENT HAS TAKEN HIS URINATION INVENTORY AND REPORTED HIS WEEKLY NIGHTLY URINATION FREQUENCY, AFTER EVERY TREATMENT. He was amazed to see how well he did after every treatment. PLEASE READ THE RESULTS below, to note the positive changes in night urination, after therapeutic massage and with special oils. Why wait t

Scientifically proven that relaxation is needed to self-heal.

The book entitled, Relaxation response revolution, is proving that the body needs to be relaxed to enable the whole body to self-heal. Written by a Harvard Trained Cardiologist. At www. we have been using relaxation for 12 years to help you self-heal.

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