What is a real change? It is felt in the body.

Usually a real change that lasts is embodied. It's not just "be positive" statement. Such superficial answers prove that you have not been thorough enough and felt the changes deeply. Sometimes you need to journal with a real pen! When you feel the change and insight deeply (NOT JUST IN YOUR HEAD) you will experience sustainable change and be happier. Many very technical clients who are always in their heads cannot feel their body and have great difficult progressing. They are too busy processing HOW come that they miss the boat and the positive wave!! Contact us at www.intelligentbodymassage.com to get real changes not just temporary head changes. Change or self-healing is not a surface or

Restore the sexual functions- MEN'S HEALTH

Restoring your sexual functions is about the little things that you notice changing. It's not about the ton of bricks that hit you. Restoring your sexual functions is about appreciating your body who was there for your through tough times and fun times. It is a lifestyle change. Not a bunch of techniques nor a Viagra that will only help you for that moment and then forget you tomorrow. The best investment in your future is to go back to basics, in your temple where all things are working for good. Contact us at www.intelligentbodymassage.com for a more invigorating future with your partner. Sometimes we just need to change and grow. More information available at goodenergybreak.com and em


WHY would you want a massage that is rushed and not truly felt? Try a slow LOMI LOMI massage that helps you feel your sensations in your body that we crave for. You will feel pleasantly restored like no other activity. www.intelligentbodymassage.com

At the tender age of 5, my body was not a place I wanted to live in.

This is the time to heal something that exists in 1 child out of 4 minimum. This silence which registers in the body is willing and can be healed. The body is very forgiving. Your mind may not want to change or let go but the body is the most forgiving vehicle...just listen to its un ease and you will see big changes....... My childhood was very unhappy and was too shy to express my needs. Obviously I didn' t know how. I was a child. A pure child who believed in love and gentleness. That has not changed until today. When you have been (sexually) traumatized like me, at the tender young age of 5, from my uncle, PIETRO RECINE aged 16, who lived in the same home; you cannot feel good and

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