"My Grace is sufficient for you" GOD

Meditate on this every day. God said it. I created a tag on this because this is the most important thing God said, as far as i am concerned. ALL IS WELL NOW. When you are loved, forgiven and favored for no apparent reason, you have grace.

An erotic masseuse complained that he is not successful with ed clients & wanted my techniques.

He asked me to help him because his ED clients were not improving. He wanted my techniques. Do you think that a man who has become dysfunctional sexually and has lead up to that place after many years (whether lack of self-care or disease )is going to get back his mojo with a few techniques? Please think about it. Do you realize how much is going on in ones' life and even the act of love making which is so rich in interplay between chemistry, spirit, health, love and timing etc. What will techniques do when what you need is to reconnect with your body in the most deeply intimate way. That is sometimes the only thing that will work on some clients who are always in their minds and at work.

When the mind takes rather then gives. Healing Holistic Massages deepens your awareness and your sel

We have forgotten how to nurture our temple. When we are in the mind, we are too busy trying, struggling and figuring things out that don't often need our attention. When we give time to care for the body, you are nurturing yourself and giving yourself good energy without judgment and hopefully with abandonment and freedom. The Eastern thinking, the Qi Gong is a breath & slow movement process to bring you back in your home and regain energy /chi and rebalancing (getting rid of obstructions). During my massage, my clients often try to run the show with their head when ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS RECEIVE BABY RECEIVE. We all learn along the way that old mental habits keeps us where we are, howeve

A body ologist or psychologist for grief?

Mr.X has been grieving for 7 years and looked like (when he first came to my clinic) that there was nothing to hope for. He said he felt "shutdown" After his 2 hour LOMI LOMI massage, he felt like he came back to life and his senses were awakened. This renewal doesn't happen like a thunderbolt but it's lovely incremental process. To be clear, this enlivening process occurs with a non erotic and non genital massage...but with an "old fashioned" healthy massage! This first experience opened him up to beauty of life and he recently said he is looking out for more positive life experiences. Is anyone feeling jaded, grieved, de pressed, re pressed, de pressed or sur pressed or lethargic? Le

How the body speaks the truth and also during massage. Intelligentbodymassage.com

We have been told for decades that the body never lies. However have we updated our understanding of those fundamentals? We have found that the body tells you many truths that often cannot be seen with naked eye nor diagnosed. The body knows instinctively where there is obstruction and where rebalancing is needed. As I massage, my clients often reveal to me physical sensations such as tingling sensations indicating to us where the body is waking up. At the end the body speaks about where healing is needed and is let loose from the opening of the body When we ask the body questions, it tells you exactly where is the cause of the problem. You don't need to figure it out, the BODY will rev

When you push too hard in sports & exercise, your muscles rebel & cause tension/pain. Body w

I had much success with Sport trigger point massage that has alleviate recovery times to even 100% and also daily pains alleviated for others. One client who is very hard core in sports had a big pain in his groin after a long trip on a very tight airplane. He was surpised to know that certain sports related muscle problems are exacerbated with sitting...The doctor told him he had a ligament problem but after taking of his pirformis mucles he FOUND GREAT RELIEF IN GROIN AND QUADS! Some need maintenance due to their lifestyle and some get quick results however you will get results that match your lifestyle. Mr X is very happy to maintain his exercises without worrying so much of the conseque

You don't need erotic content to reclaim your sexuality. Sexual healing changes all of your lif

I have been practicing 10 years non erotic sexual healing and I am amazed everytime how the body gives back generously after self-care time. The body after so many years of being relegated to last position of importance ( i know some people just want to look good too but the body is often not as important as the mind) is still so forgiving when you start your healing journey.. As a practitioner i am deeply humbled to work with you to get back your health. At intelligentbodymassage.com we help reclaim your sexuality and your self-confidence is your bonus. Thank you for all the men who provided their bodies in order to grow my body knowledge and know the body intimately.

The forgotten temple, your body. Developing intimacy with your body heals you. www. intelligentbody

When i have wounded people come to me because they are overwhelmed and/or dysfunctional: I always keep an opened mind as to what God wants to heal in them. I did not realize how far the damage can go when you don't take care of your body or mistreat it or even cripple it with cruel words. I knew that my work in body language has brought me and clients to such heightened state of awareness to allow the body to tell me what it needs and cause results with care...... but this time i was just taken further into the power of intimacy with your body and what/how this sacred space heals you . While encouraging awareness and self-care and without eroticsm nor any intrusions, one recent male cli

When your body does not feel pleasure. Massage can re train your body to feel again affecting your c

Feeling pleasure is a sign of health, at a deeper layer energy is received beyond the skin too. During massage, I have noticed that some people don't feel much, and that includes pleasure. It is a humbling process to see the body come back to life, when you give it time. When you give your body intimate time and become aware of it i had the most amazing self-healings occur. Listening to your own body causes many breakthroughs and also has changed many perceptions and lives. Along this process of re integration..Many little and big miracles occur which makes us live Bigger experiences. With a heartfelt massage, we retrain your body to break from numbness and to live more happily in your bod

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