As we work with chi, chi moves spontaneously to impact positively and rebalance body, mind and soul. Benefit from a clear mind and calm body which causes many deep changes and with a renewed perception.

This may be your first experience with chi,  however your growth in awareness is a powerful skill to hone. Your intuition will be easier when you learn to be in stillness.

I will work with your goals whether you:


  • want to forget the world

  • or want to feel good in your inner world

  • or want to delve deeper to relieve pains, tensions or conditions.

As you probably know, you don't need to have issues to receive a massage since in essence massage, as over 2000 years ago, was meant to be a healthy & preventative action to maintain &  enhance your lifestyle. ​Just receive a fresh spring energy in your bones.  Experience an internal journey that doesn't require a plane ticket.